Concordia Lounge Bar

The culinary offer of the Concordia Lounge Bar embraces the whole day, from breakfast hour with sweet and savoury homemade dishes, to the dinner courses skillfully prepared by Chef Andrea Fugnanesi and his young crew.

The Concordia Lounge Bar is situated in Livigno’s main street and is a must for a trendy aperitivo, such as the latest Tapas Aperitif, which perfectly matches with the original cocktails prepared by our barman and the company of your friends at the end of a skiing day.

Its location next to the Lungolivigno Fashion Boutiques is an invitation to some exclusive shopping. Benefit from the advantages of the Lungolivigno Club Card, the fidelity card connecting all activities of the Lungolivigno brand, collect your points and use the coupons in the hotels and fashion boutiques of the Lungolivigno group.

Concordia Restaurant

The Concordia Restaurant in Livigno is a point of reference for all quality food passionate: here the old Alpine aromas meet the culinary creativity of young Chef Andrea Fugnanesi.

The accurate selection of the ingredients of our region - perfectly combined with original international dishes - and their interpretation through innovative cooking techniques, give life to unforgettable and immersive culinary journeys.

The Concordia Restaurant combines tradition with a modern twist and welcomes all its guests within its rooms illuminated by wide windows with splendid views of the surrounding mountains. Ist priviledged position in the town centre is enhanced by a private parking.

Our house wine list is just the icing on the cake of our exclusive offer. Our young sommelier will lead you to the best food and wine pairing with his reccomandations for matching meal courses with the perfect wine.