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A family story

Once upon a time…just like in all the best stories, once upon a time there was a lovely young girl from Livigno, Domenica Mottini, who met and fell in love with Emilio Giacomelli, a handsome young man from Isolaccia. Their dreams were crowned in 1955 and Domenica left her beloved mountain peaks to go and live with her husband lower down the valley. But destiny was weaving its plots, and it so happened that Domenica and her family returned to Livigno a few short years later. In 1960 she arrived back in the valley where she was born, bringing with her their three young Giacomellis: Maurilio, Graziana and Lelia, only three months old. Emilio was building a hotel, one of the first in Livigno, a far-sighted investment for the future of the family. Hotel Concordia opens its doors in 1962, and while Milio continues to grow the construction company Domenica takes care of the clients and the restaurant. A demanding job, and the children also lend a hand. During the summer holidays they are to be found in the shop or serving at table. The first German tourists begin to arrive, and the hotel is running at full speed, so much so that Emilio leaves the construction business to pitch in at the hotel while Domenica heads off to Germany for three months to learn the language, leaving the family behind, with Paolo, the youngest, still in nappies.


The life of the family is closely intertwined with the hotel. In 1972 the Giacomelli clan, which now counts seven children (Maurilio, Graziana, Lelia, Andrea, Paolo, Fabio and Matteo), moves into the Hotel Concordia. It is not by chance that the art of hospitality is in the Giacomelli DNA! The years pass, the children grow up, they go away to study, but then they come back and find their place in the family business, which in the meantime has become a company, Lungolivigno SPA. Now it’s the grandchildren’s turn: 18 young people full of energy and enthusiasm. The third generation of Giacomellis are gradually finding their way in the world of Lungolivigno. They discover their aptitudes as they hold down summer jobs and work out what they would like to do when they grow up. Some of them are already sure of their path. Nicola joined the staff a few years ago and works as a ski instructor in winter and mountain bike guide in summer. Daniel takes care of all the technical aspects of the hotels, working behind the scenes to ensure that the “Lungolivigno machine” runs smoothly at all times. In the meanwhile the number of great-grandchildren is growing, and there are now 5 fourth generation Giacomellis.