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Chakra Experience

Chakra Experience

Enjoy the refreshing and invigorating effects of a vacation designed to recharge your body’s sources of energy.
According to Oriental tradition, there are seven chakras along the central axis of the body, on whose balance our physical and mental wellbeing depend.
To assist in the attainment of this equilibrium, we have designed specific programs for each of the seven Feeling-Rooms inspired by the seven chakras, translated into precise treatments in our Mandira Spa wellness area. A unique experience that maximizes the feeling of fulfillment produced by your vacation. Every room is furnished in accordance with the principles of the ancient art of feng-shui, which defines the principles for arranging spaces in harmony with universal energy flows.
Select the centers of Energy on the chakra map and discover the associated treatment.
Prepare yourself for a vacation that renews your energy like never before.

Seven chakras, seven centers of energy

The harmony of feng-shui

Let yourself be inspired by Oriental philosophy

Enjoy a totally harmonious vacation