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Livigno is the land of all two-wheels’ passionate: from the keenest bikers to the lovers of the narrow tyres.
For those who prefer fat tyres there are countless possibilities on the 600 km of digitalized routes, 2 Bike Parks, one for Flow Trails and one for Down-Hill. From the town centre of Livigno you can ride on many well-signed trails that take you to the surrounding valleys immersed for hours in an unspoilt nature: rivers, lakes, rocks and alpine pastures are there for everyone.
If you prefer racing bike you can reach the legendary alpine passes of the Giro d’Italia from the little Tibet.
Our bike hotels will make your stay the most suitable one, provided with Bike Room, bike wash and laundry service of your sports clothing.

Engadina Road Bike Tour

Livigno- Forcola Pass-Bernina Pass-St Moritz-Zernez-Tunnel*-Livigno

104 Km of magic. After an early wake up and a full breakfast we are ready to start. A few Kilometres from Livigno the climb to the Forcola Pass begins. It’s not very demanding, but you should ride calmly toward the following toil. Enter Switzerland and continue riding uphill:  this time it’s a little bit more demanding but you will be awarded by a unique stunning landscape along the Lago Bianco. Get to the Bernina Pass, a place of rare atmosphere, with its history and…the magical red Bernina Express. Take a photo, have something to eat and prepare for the beautiful descent which leads you to St. Moritz with its well-known wonderful lake: it’s like being in a fairy tale. Take some photos, do some stretching, have a nice very little beer (toil hasn’t finished yet…) and then off again.  The flat road to Zernez through the Engadine is pure pleasure. In Zernez climb again up to the Munt La Schera Tunnel. The pay bike shuttle will take you through the tunnel. And from there on toil is over: you will cycle on a flat stretch alongside the Lake of Livigno. Once you reach the hotel, treat yourself to a deserved aperitif and then relax in the Mandira SPA toward the toil of the following day. You will be tired but satisfied after a fairy-tale journey.

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Altarezia Road Bike Tour

Livigno - Foscagno - Bormio - Tirano - Poschiavo - Bernina - Forcola – Livigno

This tour is for well-trained cyclists only! Good concentration is required for the long ascents as well as for the quick descents, where speed is very high.
Start is in Livigno.  Take the uphill road to the d’Eira and the Foscagno Passes. It’s not a strong climb, but be careful with the elevation gain and temperatures: it’s better for you to start calmly! Before proceeding on the long descent to Bormio, take some photos and put on your jacket: speed will be very high!
In Bormio start cycling lightly again, as you continue downhill towards Tirano. Enjoy the landscape while cycling: the beautiful sight on the mountains, castles and little villages is really stunning! In Tirano reach the main square with the Shrine, turn right and enter Switzerland. And here the real toil begins! You will ride many times side by side the red Bernina Express, Europe’s highest railway across the Alps! It’s clear, you have to sweat now! But it will not be hard work only: absolutely unique landscapes and some flat stretches will make this 40-km climb to the Bernina Pass a memorable journey!
Take some photos before heading downhill to the Italian customs! From there on, start climbing again towards the famous Forcola Pass! It’s the last, hard but short toil! Once you reach the top and start descending an incredible landscape reveals to your eyes and a smile on your face will appear! Pure downhill up to Livigno…toil is over! It’s time to have some rest and relax in the Mandira SPA and … think about the next journey!

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Stelvio Road Bike Tour

Livigno - Bormio – Stelvio Pass  – Prad am Stilfer Joch -Tunnel* - Livigno 

The King Stelvio, a legend of the “Giro d’Italia”! 21,5 Km, 42 hairpin turns, highest elevation 2758 masl!
Here’s what is waiting for you during this tour which enters the legend and history of cycling! This tells you that it will be really demanding!
From the fresh Livigno start climbing up gently to the d’Eira and the Foscagno Passes at 2291 metres’ height. It will be demanding but also a good training toward the remarkable elevation gain of the Stelvio! Enjoy the sight and then start the quick descent to Bormio, paying great attention to some narrow curves and hairpin turns.
Refresh and have something to eat and to drink: you cannot allow yourself to start the great climb if you are already tired. In Bormio the ascent to Europe’s highest pass open to vehicles begins. The average slope is 7,3 % with peaks up to 14%... rule number 1: manage your energy!
Once you get to the top, put on some warm clothes, as temperatures on the Pass can be freezing, also in the middle of summer! Take a photo and buy a t-shirt as souvenir for this great achievement!
Have something to eat and then off again, downhill to Prad am Stilfserjoch! Pay attention to the narrow lane, dangerous hairpin turns and a remarkable slope.
In Prad, proceed towards Switzerland passing through the Val Müstair with 900-m elevation gain and a 40-km stretch to reach la Schera Tunnel. The pay bike shuttle will take you through the tunnel. Last toil: cycle alongside the Lake of Livigno, reach the hotel and treat yourself to a deserved rest in the Mandira SPA… a real miracle cure after such a titanic challenge!

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Julier&Albula Road Bike Tour

Livigno - Forcola - Bernina - Silvaplana - Julier Pass - Tiefelcastle - Albula Pass - Lu punt - Zernez – Tunnel* - Livigno

These are distances for professional cyclists only: 183 km and a remarkable elevation gain! The firs toil you have to face is the ascent to the Forcola Pass! This is a long tour so you’d better go slowly and don’t fight against the wind. Once you get to the Forcola Pass, ride downhill to the frontier and then start climbing again up to the Bernina Pass… an earthly paradise! The wide valley you have to run through leads you to the magical landscape of Sant Mortiz. From there take the road to Silvaplana and enjoy the landscape and the sight on the lakes, which will be your positive thought toward the Julier Pass. Take a selfie, have an energetic snack and then off again towards Tiefelcastle and the Albula Pass. Last stretch but no last toil at all: your mind will have to help your legs! After descending from the Pass, reach La Punt and right afterwards Zernez! Be ready for the last demanding part of this tour through the Val Müstair up to the Munt La Schera Tunnel. The pay bike-shuttle will take you by the Livigno Lake. After so many kilometres, you will be savouring the idea of yourself relaxing in the Mandira SPA while cycling on this last stretch … you will have deserved it!

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Passo del Mortirolo Road Bike Tour

Livigno-Forcola Pass-Poschiavo –Tirano-Tovo – Mortirolo Pass-Grosio- Oga- Foscagno Pass-Trepalle-Livigno

You only have to pronounce the word “Mortirolo” to excite a cyclist and make his/her legs a bit shaking!
One of Europe’s most demanding passes: 12,5 km, 1300 D+ and 10,45%average slope with peaks of 18%!
A real demanding tour! Start is in Livigno towards the Forcola Pass. While climbing, remember that the Mortirolo is awaiting you! After reaching the top of the Pass, a long amusing descent through the Val Poschiavo will lead you to Tirano! Recharge your batteries, have something to drink and set off again to Mazzo di Valtellina. From there on, the long ascent begins! Try not to ride above your standard level; there will be no time to get your breath back: you will ride on the climb which will be dedicated to Michele Scarponi soon.
Stop on the top pf the Pass and catch your breath back, have something to eat and to drink!
Take some photos and then head downhill to the little town of Grosio!  Then cycle uphill again to Bormio and on another rahter demanding stretch up to the foot of the village of Oga! A quick downhill ride leads you to Isolaccia, where the last but one climb of our tour begins and takes you to the Foscagno Pass! Take a photo before heading downhill to the last short toil of the day: the climb to the Eira Pass. At this point of the journey your heart and mind will be more important than your legs!
This is a supremely demanding tour! But once you get to the top, you will really enjoy the last descent to the little Tibet! Have a snack and a beer and finally rush to the Mandira SPA…!

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Passo Gavia Road Bike Tour

Livigno- Foscagno Pass -Bormio-Santa Caterina-Passo Gavia- Oga- Isolaccia- Foscagno Pass-Trepalle Livigno

You have to fuel up before starting this tour: your strength will be put to the test by a remarkable elevation gain!
Start is in Livigno towards the Eira Pass and the Foscagno Pass! Then a long and very quick downhill stretch will take you to Bormio: be very careful! Take the road to Santa Caterina which passes through the Valfurva: it will be very easy to look away to the landscape and the mountains covered in snow, so pay great attention! There are 12,6 km between Bormio and Santa Caterina and sometimes slopes can be quite demanding: it’s better for you not to rush on your pedals! Cycle through the town centre of Santa Caterina, then the road becomes narrower and starts climbing up to the Pass: this isn’t a demanding ascent except for some stretches! You won’t see the finish line until you’re almost arrived!
Reach the finish and take some souvenir photos!
To get back, ride on the same road you climbed before, but this time it will be a long and amusing descent leading to Bormio. Take the road to Santa Lucia and climb up to Oga: this is a short ascent but you will have tired legs and further climb to face up to the Foscagno Pass! Slopes aren’t remarkable, but you will be tired. Then the last demanding stretch takes you to the Eira Pass and finally head downhill to Livigno, or better still to the Mandira SPA.

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Torri di Fraele Road Bike Tour

Livigno- Foscagno Pass -Valdidentro- Fraele Towers-Pedenosso-Arnoga- Foscagno Pass- Trepalle-Livigno

A historical tour, with breathtaking landscapes and “the prince” to climb. If the Stelvio is “the King of the Valtellina”, the ascent to the Fraele Towers can be considered as the prince! A series of beautiful hairpin turns both uphill and downhill!
Halfway through this tour, you will see the Towers standing out against the sky… they will be your reference point and your destination! Pay attention not to rush on your pedals to reach them, as they seem near! Once you get to the top, the spectacular view on the lakes of Cancano opens to your eyes and - on the other side - the majestic Cima Piazzi stands in front of you!
But before admiring all this, you have to face the double climb to the Eira Pass and to the Foscagno Pass! No hard slopes, but long distances at remarkable and demanding altitude! The descent is amusing and will lead you to Pedenosso. Then turn left and, some hundred meters further, the beautiful downhill ride will begin! Once you reach the top, relax, sunbath for a while by the lakes and refresh! Keep an eye on your watch: don’t forget you still have to get back to Livigno (Foscagno Pass and Eira Pass on the other slope), but most of all, to the Mandira SPA!

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