Apotheke and natural treatments

The Apotheke is the pharmacy of the olden days made with wooden logs, where you can find herbs and essential oils carefully prepared to heal body and bring you back to perfect harmony and balance.
Let our naturopath suggest you the best herbs and oils for your bespoke treatments during which you will transcend into ultimate relaxation through an individually planned journey designed to re-balance and revitalize your body and soul.
Our valley is surrounded by alpine peaks and it is coloured by the flowers of wild herbs in spring, whose active ingredients are more concentrated thanks to the 1816 meters’ height. Many plants, which may seem weeds, are instead healthy for our body against aches and pains according to the principle of naturopathy. In the Lac Salin SPA these are the main ingredients for our natural treatments, together with the milk and the honey produced here in Livigno.