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50 years of hospitality

July 1962. Milio and Domenica Giacomelli inaugurate Hotel Concordia, 26 rooms, of which four are en suite. It is one of the first hotels to be built in Livigno and represents the first step in the Giacomelli family adventure. Only a year later, in 1963, Renna Sport opens its doors, destined to become a fashion boutique in the following years, specializing in leather goods, much in demand also because of the duty free advantages. Ten years go by and in 1972 Hotel Concordia doubles its capacity. At the end of the building work there are 42 rooms, and famous names begin to arrive. Guests such as Gustav Thoeni, a rising star of the Italian ski squad, the cyclist Gianni Motta, and  Ron and Lucio Dalla, who choose Livigno to relax and compose. The hit  Se Fossi un Angelo was arranged in the hotel basement room, where they improvised live sessions. In 1978, Domenica Giacomelli takes over the running of Da Giuseppina, the oldest store in Livigno, which used to ensure the town’s survival during the long winter months. She slowly transforms it into a luxury boutique, completed with a full refurbishment in 1989. The years pass, the children grow up and travel the world to study, and thus Milio and Domenica decide, in 1991, to transform the family company into a joint stock company. The birth of the Lungolivigno group seems to breathe new life into the business. Tea del Vidal, the restaurant close to the Mottolino cable car station, and Hotel Lac Salin, one of the largest in Livigno, near the departure of the ski-runs, are acquired.  1996 sees the inauguration of Art in Ice, a snow sculpture exhibition with artists arriving from all over the world to wield their chisels. Another store, Connaction, specializing in brand name outdoorswear, is added. The 2000s see the birth of Lungolivigno magazine, destined for all the guests staying at our hotels, which ten years later will undergo a complete makeover and become Arialpina magazine. 

A third hotel is acquired: the three star Hotel Parè, in the Teola area, at the departure point of the Giorgio Rocca chairlift, boasting spectacular views over the valley. Meanwhile refurbishment begins on Hotel Lac Salin, which is inaugurated in 2006 as the 4 star superior new Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort. These years see Livigno begin to earn a reputation as a Mecca for mountain bikers, thanks also to promotion by the Giacomellis. Hotel Concordia and Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort become members of  Alta Rezia Bike Hotels association. The fashion sector as well is taking giant leaps forward with the repeated refurbishment of the three stores (Renna Sport, Da Giuseppina and Connaction), the opening of Renna Sport Bags, followed by Renna Sport Shoes and the Outlet. In 2008, the first issue of Lungolivigno Fashion Magazine sees the light, dedicated to all the stores’ customers. The following year Hotel Concordia is partially renovated with the opening of the Fashion Room, dedicated to icons of style. Yet the Giacomelli family motto would seem to be … never stop! 2012 brings the 50th anniversary, celebrated with new initiatives. All special, including the opening of Concordia Lounge Bar & Restaurant. L'hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort is selected as a Wanderhotel, the only one in all of Lombardy. The 18th edition of Art In Ice becomes Art in Ice Re-evolution, with the Terzo Paradiso by Michelangelo Pistoletto, sculpted in snow. For the occasion Da Giuseppina doubles up into two new stores. In 2014, Milio would be bursting with pride as Grand Hotel della Posta in Sondrio is added to the large Lungolivigno family.