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Summer in Livigno - Fill up on nature

Walk through Dicotomia, the gigantic stone yin/yang by Patrizia Roussel. Or climb the scenic trail for half and hour until you reach Via, by the Japanese artist Rejiro Wada, a long sheet of metal set into the wall of rock across a waterfall. The Val Federia, with its extraordinary open gallery of artworks is one of the most beautiful destinations there is for a day's outing in the mountain air. It is easy to reach on the bike path, and you can go right up and touch the sculptures made by Pietrarte participants over the years, though some are returning to nature, covered with grass and inhabited by animals. In July, you can watch the artist at work as they transform stone wood into exciting new artworks. Unique in the entire alpine region, it is a place where modern art and nature intertwine.

Guided walks with Natur.Card

The summer has other treasures in store that you can discover a bit at a time during a Lungolivigno Hotel week. Upon arrival, guests receive the free Natur.Card, which permits them to take part in a rich program of sports and fun, ranging from exercise courses and rock climbing to concerts and games.
There are demonstrations of Valtellina cuisine, plus courses on mushroom hunting and identification, cheeses, flower arranging, medicinal herbs. Each days guides lead walking excursions, alternating easy trips for the whole family such as the Val Federia the waterfalls in Val Nera with more difficult hikes to Val Saliente or the Paradisino glacier. Physical activity in the great outdoors is thus coupled with the pleasure of knowing the history and the geography of the valleys, with their flowers, pastures, stones, trees and animals.

Wellness and nature
A vacation in Livigno is also an opportunity to fill up on positive energy to see you through the upcoming winter. Just take a walk in the great silence of nature, in the early morning or right before sundown, and stress and worries will slowly melt away with each deep breath of pure pine-scented air. And your body and mind can once again find their proper balance after a restoring ayurvedic massage, the traditional Indian natural cure using aromatic oils and ancient wisdom, available in Lungolivigno Hotel wellness centers.
The effects are increased by abandoning yourself to water's enveloping caress in the Jacuzzi or the pool at the Hotel Paré. Or you can head down to the thermal baths at Bormio and pass a half-day in the natural saunas and hot thermal pools.

Reserve early and save
For the summer of 2005, everyone who reserves a week's stay at least 30 days in advance will save more than 10%, in addition to getting the pick of the best rooms. Another offer includes free lodg-ing for kids up to 6 and 50% off for those up to 12 years of age. Then there's the Family Plan, where two adults with two kids only pay for three people. See pages 10 and 11 for details and dates.

Children's Club
The Miniclub Daü, named for the mascot of the 2005 Mountain Bike Championships, is a little village reserved for kids from 4 to 12 years old. It's made of Indian teepees and a farm for gentle animals like rabbits, hens and goats. Teachers stay with the young guests (in two age groups), and lead them in numerous activities such as walks, adventure trails, orienteering, drawing contests, botany lessons, games and picnics.

Amnesty International
Human rights week
Issues of rights, from the death penalty to violence against women, child soldiers and political refugees are the topics of meetings with international experts and debates. These alternate with the healthy activities of a holiday in the mountains during the human rights weeks organized in collaboration with Amnesty International, from 9 to 16 July.
Via Plan, Livigno