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    If you can find a lower rate available for the same period and for the same type of room on another web site, we kindly ask you to contact us by telephone or email, and we will offer you an additional discount of 10%. Many on-line travel web sites charge extra fees for a reservation. When you book directly with us, you will always get the best available rate!

  • 2. Voucher for Aquagranda
    Only if you book directly from this website, at the time of your arrival you will receive a an entry at Aquagranda: Wellness Park highest in Europe.

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    The Fashion Card Lungolivigno is a valuable tool created for the most special clients, which will introduce they in the Lungolivigno Fashion boutiques and in the world of luxurious and privileged shopping.

Well-being outdoors

The energy of nature


Well-being outdoors

The energy of nature

There is a magic place, surrounded by mountains, where you can leave it all behind, and renew yourself in body and mind. Where you can stop and take a deep breath, and free your mind while your body is taking strength again, breathing pure air.


Summer memories

Stroll in the golden woods, on a soft carpet of pine needles. Freeing your mind, step by step. The effort of the climb and the rhythmical pace of your steps make the walks part of your beauty treatment.


Sub-zero wellbeing – beyond skiing

The crystalline, high-mountain air, full of positive energy. Downhill skiing on the slopes and walks through the snowdrifts fill you full of energy, broaden the mind and develop your endorphins. Fill up on wellbeing.


Reawakening of nature

Walking towards the mountains in the early morning, when the dew covers the landscape. Looking for new emotions, walking in bare feet on the moss or meditating stretched out on the grass in a flowery meadow. Strolling through fields full of colours.


An energy explosion

Breathe pure air, take in the Alpine peaks, stroll and cycle through the woods absorbing the positive energy from the earth. All you need is a stream to make your own spa, splashing through the cool water in bare feet