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SIXTH CHAKRA ājñācakra

SIXTH CHAKRA ājñācakra

This chakra is localized in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes. Its lotus is white in color. It represents a vision of who we are and what is around us; intuition, our relationship with mystery and with the senses that we tend to neglect.
Contemporary design for this high-ceilinged attic room, an intimate space enveloped in indigo. Admire the starry sky from the comfort of a spacious, oval bathtub aligned under the skylight. The room also hosts a Zen garden to facilitate meditation.TREATMENTS
Reiki is the Japanese art of rebalancing the energy of all the chakras and generating an overall feeling of well-being. Through his or her hands, the practitioner channels beneficial energy towards the receiver.
The Chakra Experience programme includes a variety of meditation sessions for you to choose from as you wish.
From 8 to 9 - Meditation
We propose a variety of meditations from the world of Osho to awaken the body’s energy and purify its energy centres.
- Chakra Breathing: meditation with your eyes closed in order to focus attention on the breaths running through the body
- Kundalini: a dynamic meditation technique. The body expresses itself freely through movement and dance, and the sensations awakened are then observed.
- Nadabrahma: a seated meditation technique, in which the energy inside the body is channelled through vocalisation and the movement of the hands
- Heart Chakra: an ancient form of meditation which joins breathing and movement to resolve inner tensions and enable the heart’s energy to circulate freely.
from 10 to 14 - Soul Walk
- The bridge above the river: Alpe Mine
Take this walk absorbed in the silence of nature. When we reach the “Lovers’ Bridge ” we will meditate to connect body and spirit, in the union between earth and sky.
- Eternity Waterfall: Val Neira Falls
A meeting with the eternal flow of water. An excursion to connect with the life-giving energy which runs in all creatures, accompanied by yoga exercises and a salute to the sun.

Live the Chakra Experience with us. Send us a booking request for a regenerating stay in Livigno.


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