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Crap dala Parè

Difficulty: medium


From the Dairy of Livigno we start on the road that leads along the shore of  the Lake of  Livigno towards the “Goats Bridge”. As soon as entering the  "Bosc  dal Restel " a narrow path noses up with hairpins bending left.

Gone  beyond the typical huts, " Tea dal  Brun" (bear’s huts), the trail continues among the beautiful century-old larches .

By keeping on  climbing you slowly wend north, going around the “Crap dala Pare”, the limestone wall above us.

The forest changes a bit 'look and leaves gradually replaced by shrubs of rhododendrons and blueberries  until the meadows above the limit of vegetation.

We are now at the top, where there is a huge cross that dominates the entire valley of Livigno, the view is really impressive, although not excessively high, in fact we are about 2400m, the point is strategic to see the whole village,

 the lake throughout its length, the valleys on the sides  and all the beautiful surrounding mountains.

After the stop off  the return can be done on the path that leads  first to the shoulder of the mountain,  in a light downhill along a dirt road to the 'Eira Pass  and then down to Livigno again on a dirt road, the one once used to get from Livigno to Trepalle,  called “la corta” ( the short  one).

The walk is not difficult, but reqires some effort to climb, though not too long, has a vertical drop of 600. The descent however, a little 'longer,  is quite easy.