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Weekly program

Proposals for a week in mtb

DAY 1 


Level: medium - easy
25 km
320 m in altitude
Duration: 2 hours (half day)
The name describes the features of this path, which winds along the valley of Livigno. It starts on the bike path, heading north. and then turns  toward the Val Federia. At the junction of Via Federia it turns on  the left on  the dirt road, following directions to the Tea dal Plan. After a steep climb you will reach the  tees, old farmer’s summer houses , built on the edge of the woods.The course is enriched by a couple of climbs, short but steep, which may require to get off  from your seat ;  the rest of the trail winds along pastures and light larch forests.



Level: hard
44.2 km
1420 m in altitude
Duration: 4-5 hours (all day)
* Lunch not included
The path starts with a very steep hill, until  the  Alpisella pass.This path has been reconstructed recently and is largely viable on the saddle. From the Alpisella pass  you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Ortles and its glaciers, before going down the dirt road to Lake San Giacomo. To return to Livigno you will ride  along the steep dirt road of Val Pettini through  the Trela pass ​​with food and refreshments in the local alms.
After a meal of polenta and wine you will return by following the path of the Trela pass.


Level: easy
Duration: 2 hours (half day)
* Lunch not included
Starting in front of the hotel and following the  bike path you can reach one of the most beautiful places in the valley, which from the right side of the river Spöl, head s to a  slope covered by woods  until  the “goats’ bridge”

The path does not run into steep slopes, that's why it is suitable for  those with little experience.

DAY 4 

Level: medium
Length of the trip: half day
* including 2 ways up by  cable car.
* Lunch not included
Starting from the hotel and along the bike path you will reach the Mottolino cableway  that brings up to a 2398 mts. altitude. After the ascent follows the magnificent path that leads up to the beginning of Vallaccia. From this point follow s a pathe leading to a Q8 petrol station, from where starts  the trail to the Trela Pass . The path turns left, going back down to Trepalle. From here, turn on the right, following a newly built bike path that goes down through the meadows to the Tort  river.

You will then ride on a path made of  gentle slopes going down to the lake of Livigno , arriving for lunch to the “Tea del Vidal”
After lunch the Flow Country Trail awaits for you following to the mines Valley , where starts the trail  especially made for bikers.


BERNINA - POSCHIAVO or Foscagno - Bormio - Santa Caterina
Level: hard
Length of the trip: Full day
* Shuttle Livigno - Livigno or Bernina - including Foscagno
* Lunch not included
* Train ticket Poschiavo - Diavolezza not included



CAROUSEL 3000 - VAL Federia
Level: medium
Length : half day
* including 2 ways up by  cable car
* Lunch not included
You will ride for a few minutes until the bableway  “Carousel 3000”
Off the cablecar at an altitude of 2800 meters you will go through  the path heading north until the  station Fontane Vetta  Here begins a new Flowcountry  trail  until  the middle station of the “Carousel 3000”, then we move on the right along a single trail that joins again with scenic path.
Just below the arrival station, we take a path  traced by the peasants, which has  all the typical difficulties: steps, rocks, cracks left by the water. This ancient track goes down towards the north through the pastures of  the alps. The slope is not very exposed but quite steep, thus a good experience is required.


Foscagno - Fraele Towers - Trela ​​- LIVIGNO
Level: challenging
* Shuttle service- Livigno – Foscagno included
* Lunch not included
The Shuttle brings you to the Pass of Foscagno,  up to a large unpaved parking lot near Lake of Foscagno.
From here we go left down a steep descent to the beautiful and flat Decauville, a 12 kms dirt road , used for the dams construction . From here we proceed along the Valdidentro, reaching the Cancano lake from where starts a tour along the turquoise lakes. The return can be trhough the Alpisella Pass’  dirt road  or through the  Trela ​​pass , both leading to  Livigno.

Weekly Schedule
Proposals for a week on the saddle
A series of paths and trails that will engage you for a whole week, different slopes, difficulties and routes for all tastes and levels of preparation.  
The experts of the MTB will also help you in choicing the right  routes, here are our rates:
Half Day  guided excursion :                                                                       € 25
One Day guided tour :                                                                                  € 30
Two Half a day guided tours                                                                       € 45
Two One Day guided tours                                                                         € 50
Bike Shuttle - shuttle service to and from our Bike Hotels                   € 5 
Mottolino and Carousel lift                                                                          € 7