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The WATER of life

Our menu of natural, mineral and artesian waters


Water the source of life.....

......each life has its water 

Solè Arte Mineral Water                                                                               75 cl                Italy

fixed residue 400 mg/l             natural or sparkling

Solè Arte natura lmineral water, a symbol of style and quality for the most demanding palates, is bottled in Lombardy, at Fonte Sole at the foot of the Italian Alps.


Evian Gold                                                                                            75 cl                France

fixed residue 309 mg/l             natural mineral water                                                                                 

Evian is naturally filtered in the underground heart of the French Alps over a period of  15 years, to provide us with the same purity and balance since time immemorial. Suitable for children's growth.


Perrier mineral                                                                                  75 cl                France

fixed residue 479 mg/l             sparkling

Perrier is born in the South of France, in a calcareous valley not far from Montpellier. The impetuous bubbles, stemming from gas at source, and the complex mineral content act as an aid to digestion.                                                                             

 Ty Nant                                                                                                  75 cl                Wales

fixed residue 165 mg/l             natural or sparkling                                                                                          

The green valleys of Wales are the homeland of this most elegant and exclusive water, nicknamed "The Lady in Blue". Thanks in part to its captivating design, Ty Nant has managed to capture a place of honour in exclusive gastronomic circles. Particularly recommendedfor its purity.


Speyside Glenlivet                                                                              75 cl                Scotland

fixed residue 58 mg/l                            natural or slightly sparkling

The Glenlivet valley, situated in the  Speyside region, within the magnificent Scottish  Highlands, hides the source of this water deep underground. Low in sodium, it is one of the few waters allowed by the Scots if you really must dilute your Single Malt


Voss artesiana                                                                                      80 cl                Norway

fixed residue 22 mg/l                            natural or sparkling

Among the ice and rocks of the south of Norway lies the Voss aquifer which thanks to its natural filtering qualities leaves the water low in sodium and completely without minerals, so that it acquires an absolutely inimitable lightness of taste .


Levissima oligominerale                                                                    50 cl                Italy

fixed residue 79,8 mg/l                         natural or sparkling

The source of Levissima lies high up in the mountains in the Bormio region, a most beautiful area. and the distinguishing feature of the water itself is its particular purity.                                                                 


Panna oligominerale                                                                           75 cl                Italy

fixed residue 142 mg/l             natural                                                                                  

The source of Panna is to be found in a natural reserve in the Appennines, on the border between Tuscany and Emilia, protected from practically all human activity. This water is famous for its beneficial effects and delicate taste.


S. Pellegrino minerale                                                                        75 cl                Italy

fixed residue 960 mg/l             sparkling

S. Pellegrino mineral water has its origins in a spa source in the heart of the Orobian Alps. Pleasant tasting, its effervescence comes from the addition of natural carbon dioxide.


Gaudianello effervescente                                                               75 cl                Italy

fixed residue 1106 mg/l            natural                                                                          

Thisnaturally effervescent water comes from the source at Monticchio in Basilicata, and is particularly appreciated by those who like their bubbles in small doses.


Filette oligominerale                                                                          75 cl                Italy

fixed residue 209 mg/l             natural or highly sparkling

Straight fron the incontaminated nature of the Lazio Appennines, Filette has a particularly light and delicate taste.

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