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World of water

SPA salus per aquam


“You, as far as every human being in the whole universe, deserve your love and your respect” (Confucio)


Swimming pool heated to 29°

A swimming pool where you can dedicate some time to one of the most complete sports, which involves every muscle, reactivates circulation and avoids putting strain on the body.


The water blade

A jet of water massages the shoulders and vertebrae. At the centre of the blade, the water gently caresses the neck and shoulders while at the side, the flow is strong and vigorous, ideal for alleviating stiffness and contractures.


Counter-current swimming

The counter-current action ensures even more amazing results. It improves respiration and motor coordination. It gives harmonious contours, toning the glutes, arms and legs.



A large relaxing whirpool heated to 34°C. Take advantage of all the benefits to be had to the skin and circulation, resolving the smallest of aches and circulation problems.


Lumbar showerheads

Placed at different heights, these water jets are a panacea for lumber contractures and imporove the circulation of both legs and feet.


The Kneipp Method

Walking on river pebbles simulates the reflexology points of the feet. Alternating between soothing hot water and cold water energises and stimulates the feet, improving circulation and eliminating swelling.

Finnish Sauna

Temperature ranging between 80° and 100°C, hot stones, wooden benches and an hourglass to keep the time: the Finnish sauna quickly raises the body temperature, inducing a great deal of sweating while accelerating the metabolism. It is unsuitable for those suffering from cardiovascular problems.
Steam bath
The steam bath comes from Eastern traditions. A steam room heated to 44°C envelops the body, softening and purifying the skin, opening the airways and dissolving the lactic acid accumulated during the day's outdoor activities.
Fountain of ice 
Cubes of ice instantly cool down the body temperature, having an immediate toning effect and improving its defence against climatic changes.
Herbal bath
A pine wooded room heated and kept at a temperature of 60°C and at a humidity level of 40%. Aromatic herbs from our mountains are placed in the center of the room. Here the bodyslowly warms up, encouraging sweating and the purging of toxins.
Sensory shower
An aromatic mist descends like dew onto the skin, gently refreshing the body. The waters burst with aromas and different colours, infusing energy into the whole body.
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