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50 years of Hospitality

1962 - 2012 Happy Birthday Hotel Concordia!

There are seven children, along with daughters-in-law, sons-inlaw, grandchildren, and great grandchildren: a total of 34 family members. It started with Emilio’s idea to open an inn in the village. “50 years is a long time”, repeats Domenica with a smile. “I’m happy to have lived these last 50 years the way I did. I have so many fond memories.” “Oh, come on!” she can almost hear Emilio’s reply, as in the meantime he has passed away, but he was always her perfect counterpart. “Fortunately, I did not listen to your concerns.” He was full of enthusiasm, one of those who tackle life head on, not being the type to simply drift along in life.
Yet the views of the two were not contradictory; they complemented each other, looking at reality from two di erent perspectives. “For me it was wonderful to grow up in a hotel”, says their son Paolo. “After school I often helped out in the dining room or at the bar, even when I could barely reach the espresso machine. I had to stand on a box. Those were wonderful times.” For Paolo, the 50 years of Concordia represent his youth. Maurilio, Graziana and Lelia were not born there, but moved from Isolaccia where Emilio and Domenica had lived. In 1959 the family came to Livigno, where in 1962 they opened the family hotel. The children learned how to receive guests and overcome challenges from their mother.
Each child took on a job in the family business.  e years spent in the hotel were “long” years, because it takes a long time to grow up and to gain the expertise necessary to turn a profession into a vocation. Fabio grew up with the Concordia, and each important stage of his life also corresponded to a change in the hotel, which he now heads. “I’m part of the Concordia and almost as old, so 50 years is not so long,” he remarks with a smile. Andrea agrees: “Yes. And there is always something you can improve.” Matteo is the youngest, and from the beginning was part of an extended family of guests and employees. His career path was always clear. 50 years can go by quickly in the circle of an extended family, which includes famous personalities such as Lucio Dalla and Gustav  oeni. Grandchildren, great grandchildren, a continuing story - Hotel Concordia and its 50 years tell a long and moving tale.