Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and pleasure with our massages at the Mandira SPA wellness center. Each massage can be personalized, generating specific benefits for your organism.
Discover our range of offers and choose the one you like most.
Swedish massage stimulates the circulation, stretches out the muscles and favors psychophysical relaxation. 
The relaxation massage relieves tension and stress, especially if preceded by an aromatic whirlpool bath.
Massages can be coupled with aromatic essences to augment the beneficial effects of the treatment, favoring spiritual and physical wellness.
For those who engage in physical activity, we recommend a sports massage, perfect for stimulating muscle tone, relaxing joints and recovering physical strength. 
Those who are plagued by muscle pulls and tension can try a de-contracting treatment, more effective if preceded by a peat or clay wet pack, or by a hay bath, and a draining massage eliminates excess liquids.
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