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Events on the snow

This winter's main event is the World Alpine Ski Championships, from January 28 to February 13 in Bormio. Fifteen days of races for medals in ten events, and the perfect opportunity to see the best of the best in action during races and training. Almost at the same time (January 27-30) is the uproarious and unpredictable international car race on ice, followed by the exciting snow polo tournament (February 3-5). Also on February 3 is the traditional (and fun) parallel slalom exhibition, where couples dressed in folkloric Livigno clothes descend in tandem on old-time skis to celebrate the start of carnival week. On March 17, the traditional togs are on display again for the Coppa della Contrada, as cross-country skiers blow through the streets of town representing Livigno's eight neighborhoods, or contrade: Forcola, Teola, Saroch, Plan da Sora, Centro, Ostaria, Comunin Pemont e Trepal.

Art for the Worlds
From December 1-5, ten teams from around the world, composed of three sculptors each will mold 27 cubic meters (3x3x3 mt.) of pressed snow. This time is Art in Ice, in its ninth year, is the artistic event of the World Ski Championships, which always serves as an international frame for the snow and ice sculpture. The artists' work, physically taxing, is an interactive show in and of itself; you can talk to them, photograph their progress, watch them continue as the mercury plunges well below zero, with whipping wind and swirling flakes.
And once again Art in Ice Academy will be there beside the ten artworks in competition, helping newcomers of all ages approach the secrets of modeling pressed snow.
This year's Academy project is to build a work in snow, the "Mountain of Rights" in conjunction with other initiatives for "No more violence against women", supported by Amnesty International and Lungolivigno. For the occasion, a new volume containing Mario De Biasi's brilliant photographs of last year's event will be presented.
Solidarity in Lungolivigno's shops
For the whole month of August, anyone who made a purchase in a Lungolivigno Fashion shop - Da Giuseppina, Renna Sport or Connaction - contributed to the funding of Amnesty International's campaign No more violence against women, launched to achieve the abolition of discriminatory laws and the adoption or application of laws and other actions that protect women against violence. Another goal is to put an end to the impunity of those who perpetrate such aggression, whether in times of war or peace.
"Violence against women is one of the most widespread and secret forms of violence in the world" declared Irene Khan, Amnesty International's general secretary, and for that reason it must become taboo for every individual - but it must be combated by governments and by national and international law.
In Livigno, the campaign by Lungolivigno Fashion, always attuned to the needs of women, began with a moving exhibit by the photojournalist Ugo Pannella about child prostitutes in Bangladesh, held in August.
It continued with Match from the Heart, a three-team five-a-side football tournament between the football teams of Amnesty International, Lungolivigno and Indoor Livigno, held at the end of September. The event will close with a workshop during Art in Ice underlining the theme of human rights, and with the construction of the Hill of Human Rights.