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  • 1. Bestpreisgarantie
    Wenn Sie auf einer anderen Internetseite einen günstigeren Preis für den gleichen Zeitraum und den gleichen Zimmertyp finden, bitte informieren Sie uns via Telefon oder E-Mail und wir schenken Ihnen zusätzliche 10 % Rabatt. Viele Online-Buchungsportale berechnen zusätzliche Buchungsgebühren. Wenn Sie direkt bei uns buchen, profitieren Sie von unserer Bestpreisgarantie!

  • 2. Gutschein für den Wellnesspark „Aquagrande“Nur wer direkt auf unserer Webseite bucht, erhält bei Ankunft eine gratis Eintrittskarte in den höchstgelegenen Wellnesspark Europas „Aquagrande“.

  • 3. Fashion CardDie Fashion Card von Lungolivigno ist ein besonderes Geschenk an besondere Gäste. Sie ist Ihre Eintrittskarte in die Welt des Shoppings in den besten Boutiquen von Lungolivigno. Mit der Fashion Card erhalten Sie 5 % Ermäßigung auf alle Duty-free-Preise in Livigno und viele Vorteile mehr.

Choose your Lungolivigno holiday

June in flower
The golden heart and velvet leaves of Pulsatilla Vernalis, the Spring Anemone. The deep blue of the Gentian. The bright yellow of the soothing Mountain Arnica. In June the meadows of Livigno and its mountain pastures are ablaze with colour. Both common flowers, easy to find and recognise, as well as rarities such as Cypripedium Calceolus, or Venus' Slipper as it is popularly known: a tiny, yellow-flowered orchid which grows at an altitude of between 1800 and 2500 metres. Discover the flowers of Livigno in the company of an expert botanist, learn to recognise the rarer plants and collect the more common ones by photographing them, or pressing them as the scholars did in the 19th century.

When: 25 May - 23 June
How long for: 4 days (3 nights excluding Saturday)
Cost: Hotel Concordia € 290, Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort € 380
Package includes: half-board, an excursion with a guide to discover the fl ora of Livigno, a brief course on the uses of flowers and herbs, 1 scrub treatment with local herbs and 1 Pinda massage with local herbs from Livigno.

Yoga and meditation
Pure mountain air. The energy absorbed from the earth, the fi elds and the woods. Not to mention a charge of positive ions from the mountain springs and streams. Immerse yourself fully in nature and rediscover a more natural pace of life in the mountain silence, full of half-forgotten sounds like the trickling of fresh water on stone or a pine cone dropping from the tree. A makeover for body and mind, thanks to yoga and meditation in the open air, in the meadows and woods. Thanks also to Zen walks where the mind can wander freely in search of emptiness.

When: 23 June - 13 July
and 1 - 30 September
How long for: 4 days (3 nights)
Cost: Hotel Concordia € 390, Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort € 490
Package includes: half-board, 3 guided Zen walks, 3 meditation sessions, 3 yoga lessons, 1 shiatsu massage, 1 peeling with herbs from Livigno, 1 hot stone massage.

High altitude shopping
Gucci and Cucinelli, Prada and Aspesi, Ballantyne and D&G, Fendi and Burberry, Fay and Tod's. The latest fashions from the big names can all be found in the four Lungolivigno shops: Da Giuseppina, Renna Sport, Renna Sport Bag and Connaction. Thanks to duty free shopping, a feature of Livigno since the 1600s, you will save 20% on the list price of all your purchases.

When: 15 May - 15 July
and 30 August - 31 October
How long for: 4 days (3 nights, weekend included)
Cost: Hotel Concordia € 250, Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort € 299
Package includes: half-board, the use of a bicycle for shopping and excursions, your shopping delivered free to your hotel, 1 reflexology massage.

Mountain flavours
The secrets of Valtellina cuisine, from pizzoccheri to sciatt, recounted and demonstrated by a local woman. The use of herbs from Livigno in local recipes, dishes prepared from mushrooms gathered in the nearby woods, and also which local wines to wash them down with, tasting of red wines from the valley and a visit to a Livigno cheese dairy. In September the cookery lesson will feature game and mushrooms.

When: 5 September - 31 October,
from Wednesday to Saturday
How long for: 4 days (3 nights)
Cost: Hotel Concordia € 199, Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort € 260
Package includes: half-board, a typical dinner in a local stube, a gastronomic dinner at Milio Restaurant, a Valtellina cookery lesson, wine tasting at Petra, a visit to a wine cellar and a cheese producer.

Via Plan, Livigno