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    Wenn Sie auf einer anderen Internetseite einen günstigeren Preis für den gleichen Zeitraum und den gleichen Zimmertyp finden, bitte informieren Sie uns via Telefon oder E-Mail und wir schenken Ihnen zusätzliche 10 % Rabatt. Viele Online-Buchungsportale berechnen zusätzliche Buchungsgebühren. Wenn Sie direkt bei uns buchen, profitieren Sie von unserer Bestpreisgarantie!

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  • 3. Fashion CardDie Fashion Card von Lungolivigno ist ein besonderes Geschenk an besondere Gäste. Sie ist Ihre Eintrittskarte in die Welt des Shoppings in den besten Boutiquen von Lungolivigno. Mit der Fashion Card erhalten Sie 5 % Ermäßigung auf alle Duty-free-Preise in Livigno und viele Vorteile mehr.

Summer dreaming

In summertime, Livigno is the ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts who like to substitute their skis or snowboard with a racing or mountain bike: dynamic, fashionable people who are always on the lookout for high quality of life. Both kinds of cyclists can enjoy what Livigno has to offer, because it lies along one leg of the 88th Giro d'Italia and especially because it will host the World Mountain Bike Championships from August 28 to September 4.

For mountain bike lovers
Frame in aluminum alloy 7000, compressed air forks, shock absorbers. From May onward, ski slopes transformed into fields of wildflowers become the spectacular cross-country and downhill trails for mountain biking. 600 kilometers of trails, fully marked digitally, so you can always get your position by gps and find out about the route that lies between you and your point of arrival. Cyclists in particularly good shape can ride the same trails as the competitors, get to know the terrain of the World Championships and maybe encounter a few competitors as they train.

But Livigno also offers a choice of itineraries that are within reach of those who are not in perfect shape. The lifts of Mottolino and Carosello 3000 allow you to get to the top quickly, no sweat, by popping your bike into the gondola just as you do with your snowboard in the winter. And if you really want to get a change of atmosphere, the Lungolivigno hotels are starting points for the Tour of Three Nations, a week (or the four-day version) in the heart of the Alps where three cultures meet: Italian in upper Lombardy, Romancia in Switzerland and German in Austria.
A total of 174.7 km to cover in four days' ride while the hotels take care of transporting your luggage to the start of the subsequent leg.

For those who like the road
Super-light wheels with three spokes, tubular tires, aerodynamically designed frames in titanium and carbon fiber. Fans of road cycling can also find breathtaking routes to ride in and around Livigno. Within a range of fifty km or so are several high Alpine passes, among them Stelvio Pass at some 2,758 meters above sea level, a classic goal for riders since the sport began. One way to compare yourself with the champions of today and yesterday is to sigh up for Le Salite del Giro, which provides a certificate to all who make it over the passes involved in the Giro d'Italia.
At the start of each climb, you swipe a magnetic card through a scanner, an action you repeat at the top. The data gathered in this way are published on the website, where riders can find their performance together with the times of the most famous professional cyclists. For those who want more than day trips, Lungolivigno suggests an street Dreiländer tour with three routes featuring different lengths and changes in elevation, according to the shape you are in. A beautiful change of panorama every day and the pleasure of finding your bags waiting for you at the next hotel.

A bike-friendly brand
After six or eight hours In the saddle, your only desire Is for a nice long shower and an anti-fatigue massage before sitting down to a meal that's not only scrumptious, but also bears In mind the energy needs of the long-distance cyclist.
Then, of course, relaxed and pleasantly full, It's off to your comfortable, restorative bed.
Aside from satisfying these human desires, Lungolivigno hotels also place special attention on the technical aspects of the sport, from safe bicycle parking and a bike repair room to benches, shoe lockers and laundering of biking togs.
Not to mention that the Giacomelli brothers themselves are real cycling enthusiasts who know all Livigno's trails. They will be happy to provide you with suggestions and tips about your route.